Front cover - 8 x 10 - 6 - finalLittle Robin Redbreast: An Illustrated Poem

By Tamara Martin

(Paperback, $9.95, 24 pages, 10 full page color illustrations)


Little Robin Redbreast is a delightful story about the most important day in the life of little robin redbreast. It is the day when he leans to fly. It is a story, in poetic form, about a mother who teaches her little one to be strong and independent.

Little Robin Redbreast is very unsure and uncertain but with the encouragement and loving support from his mother, he spreads his wings and prepares to fly.

All the animals in the forest wait and watch for the big event. They gather beneath the branch and join together to celebrate when little robin redbreast finally launches himself from the nest and soars toward the sun.