Little Red Acorns Publishing


My name is Michael Linnard and, together with my wife, Tamara Martin, I formed the parent company Little Red Tree Publishing on January 25th, 2006. We are based in a particularly beautiful part of New London, no more than a few hundred yards from Ocean Beach, and Long Island Sound.

In 2012 we formed Little Red Acorns with the motto “Growing, Learning, and Creativity,” we strive to combine our love of quality books with an interest in education and life long learning, particularly for children. We wanted the books to be full of beautiful illustrations and the poems and stories exciting and full of meaning, with a clearly defined moral stand point.

Incidentally, the red tree we are referring to in the parent company’s name—Little Red Tree—the top banner shows a portion of one splendid tree – is specifically a Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum). We planted one in our front garden in Connecticut 2005, and it still thrives today. It has doubled in size but is still only 8 feet tall, so for the time being it is still officially a little red tree.

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