Front cover - ButterflyButterfly and Friends: An Illustrated Poem

by Tamara Martin

(Paperback, $9.95, 24 pages, with 10 full color illustrations)

Butterfly and Friends is a delightful story in poetic form, the third in the series, about a little Butterfly who has just lost his best friends. Ant and Flea walk by and see the sad Butterfly on bended knee. Butterfly is so sad that he tells Ant and Flea he has lost his will to live and has even lost his fl air. In desperation Ant and Flea quickly explain that friends may go but they will be back in a short time. Relieved with this explanation Butterfly takes to the air fluttering his wings with delight and exaltation. The moral of this story is that friends may go but they will be back to continue the show.